Paul Aihoshi



On February 8, 2012 I spent the afternoon with writer/comedian/improviser Jan Caruana. The first time I saw her perform was at the John Candy Box in the Second City Training Centre a couple of years ago. It was probably the first time I saw James Gangl too. They both performed what was a very funny scene, but a very moving scene as well. Perhaps it was the first time I realized improv isn’t just about being funny but also used as a way of telling a moving story. 

We met in the Distillery District at some coffee shop. She was very kind and bought me a hot chocolate because I’m still 4 years old — I believe she had some kind of tea. We talked about the show she writes for, “That’s So Weird” and her Mom or Aunt teaching in a swimming pool…. Thanks to ———————- for making the worst scans of 120 film ever! I went back and forth probably six times with scans that had stupid scan lines all over them. Now I can’t remember details about our day. 

We walked around the Distillery snapping photos with my large 120 Bronica, laughing at others with their puny 12 megapixel camera. (Did I mention it took me over 3 weeks to get proper scans?) Ha ha ha! It was funny at the time. 

I remember walking by something and smelling like this tar/poo/cold cuts. I guess that’s what 1832 must have smelt like.

It was a historical day.