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On March 25, 2012 I spent the afternoon with rising improv talent, Nicole Elsasser. This is her address œ∑´®å¥ˆßøøø∂˙øπߘ∂, she lives above a store. For some reason I always assumed it was poor struggling convenience store owners with no hope in life living above stores. But, it’s just Nicole, her partner, and a lovely dog named Tango whose name I forgot and had to text Nicole about two seconds ago. She wrote back, “Tango!!” as if she was upset at me for forgetting the name. I am upset. But, I almost wrote, “Tyco.”

We discussed many things while taking pictures with my Minolta, a 45mm, using 160NC. And as with all improvisers the topics included fear of babies, dinosaurs, improv, Yitzi Gal, McDonald’s, love, lovers, auditions, Yitzi Gal, needles in the sand, employment, unemployment, and Yitzi Gal.

After we finished taking photos we walked back to the city where she gave me some helpful dating advice. I’ve never had advice from a woman; this is a whole new perspective for me! Then we stopped off at Ali Baba’s for some food.

OKAY! Nicole had a Chicken Shawarma Sandwich and I had a Beef Shawarma Sandwich. She had a coke with hers and I had a bottle of cream soda (Nicole doesn’t like cream soda. What!). She paid, I believe $6.54 for hers and I paid 8.70 something. And at first he charged me $15 then $23… Now I check their website and it says, “SUNDAY Get 2 Chicken or Shawarma Sandwiches for $7.99.” We got screwed!!! And the whole walk into the city I kept thinking that I over paid. I also dropped some meat on the ground as we ate and walked.

But it was a good day. I really enjoyed taking her picture and hanging out in her area. So, keep an eye out for her. She’s a rising star!    

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