Paul Aihoshi



On April 12, 2012 I had what can only be described as the Rob Norman Experience. In case you don’t know Rob Norman, he is a writer, an improviser, a teacher that doesn’t have B.O., an Earl Grey Tea enthusiast, a science geek at heart, and a lover who is afraid of ghosts. He used to have a beard, but now he doesn’t. Don’t worry though, it will grow back. 

So what did this “Experience” entail? Well, like any Rob Norman Experience it started with a walk, but almost as soon as we took our first step: ghosts! Rob Norman was immediately crippled with fear. He talked about the noises he hears at night and the shadows that dance upon his walls. Is it possible that an old Toronto home could be filled with spirits and unholy demons ready and willing to haunt comedians? If it is, then Rob Norman will get sucked into the spirit world and will only be able to speak through a scrambled television set. Best of luck to him I say. 

Our trek continues with me snapping a few photos and the two of us chewing the fat about the intricacies of comedy and screenplay writing before we stop off at Starbucks, which I now realize is where a lot of improvisers spend their time. Hmm, interesting… Rob was very kind and bought me an Earl Grey Tea. I drank it quickly and he was impressed. I didn’t tell him I hadn’t had any food or drink all day and that I needed it. 

As we sat with our cups in hand, we discussed his haunted house situation in more detail, rivers of methane on Titan (was it Titan? that’s the only other moon I know, the other being Moon), and his writings for Sexy Nerd Girl. It was Sexy Nerd Girl that transitioned us into his thoughts on a comic book series called “The Invisibles” by Grant Morrision. Apparently these books also scared him, or was it the life of Grant Morrision that scared him? Maybe he wasn’t really scared at all. He did say he felt different after reading it. Perhaps the same way I felt after I saw David Lynch’s “Inland Empire”, alone in a theatre. We also talked about the movie Primer. I watched it later that day, then took a nap before coming up with a theory that you time travel when you sleep. I was tired, and again I hadn’t eaten much. 

In closing, if you ever have the chance to take part in the Rob Norman Experience be prepared for some deep thought, Earl Grey Tea (which I once referred to as Grey Earl Tea), and ghosts. Also expect him to make the cunnilingus sign at one point.