Paul Aihoshi



On June 20, 2012, I spent the morning with improviser Hayley Kellett, who was fresh off her second stint on the Second City Cruise. We started the day off meeting near Roncesvalles, only because I got on the wrong streetcar. We decided to start off at a bakery where we picked up some chocolate pastries before going on a fruity-buying-binge at a nearby Sobey’s – we ended up with Camu Camu juice, another juice that I can’t remember the name of (it tasted like pear), some strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and a fruit that neither of us had ever tried before called a Star Fruit. 

With our sugar-filled fuel in tow, we set off to High Park where we passed a burned down playground under re-construction and sat beside a pond. I must say it was quite romantic (I highly recommend to all the couples out there to have a breakfast picnic at High Park, it’s lovely). We sat there with our fruit (the star fruit tasted like a giant grape) and juice, while we fed most of our pasties to the family of ducks swimming around us. It was only after the last pastry was gone that we read the sign telling us not to feed the ducks. 

Next we went to the High Park Zoo!! Got to love that good old zoo smell. It was especially exciting for me because it was the first time I saw a Yak up close (every time I hear the word Yak I can’t help but think of Ren & Stimpy). We saw some other animals too, but they weren’t nearly as interesting or smelly. 

We continued to walk around the park and found some pretty fountains. Hayley jumped into one of the fountains and played with the water. It was very hot that morning so I understand why, but that yellowy, green stuff that was on the bottom… she stepped on it… it was probably all squishy in between her toes. 

Otherwise, it was a very nice day. Fish were swimming in the large pond, ducks were swimming in green stuff, a child was hiding behind a garbage can, and Hayley played with an inch-worm. 

After play-time in the park, we walked to Hayley’s place and on the way we spotted this creepy old lady watching us from her window. She was just standing there, with her arms behind her back, watching us. Only her neck moved. I believe it turned a whole 200°. At one point it looked like she had no arms. 

When we got to Hayley’s house we ate and drank some more of our fruit and juice, and took one last photo. Then I wrote a note for her roommate about me going into her room and trying on her clothes and using her toothbrush. None of which is true. Or is it???!!

Anyways, that was our day. It was a nice day. What else can I say? 

If you notice in the top left corner there’s some black. That’s actually a piece of paper that got stuck in my Bronica 120 film back. And if anyone finds a 220 back let me know, I have at least 24 rolls of it in my fridge at home.